Frissons d’ombelles


Established in 1997, Domaine de la Marfée has 20 small plots scattered around the village of Murviel les Montpellier covering 9 ha. La Marfée is located in the prestigious appellation of Saint Georges d’Orques that has been renowned since the 18th century.

We have always organically farmed, which we believe breathes life into our soil, life in our vineyards, resulting in higher quality fruit.
(certified AB)

VDP Hérault – white

Grape varieties : 70% roussane, 30% chardonnay
Terroir : 4 small plots situated in the commune of Murviel les Montpellier at the heart of the Saint Georges D’orques
Soils :Stony; the Jurassic limestone and cherts (soils with a high proportion of silica).
Culture of the vine that looks for the development of life: no herbicides, compost biodynamqiue, treatments at reduced doses, using exclusively natural products, respected and controlled by moderate tillage, flora followed Lunar rhythms…

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