Happy Malbec World Day!

May 1, 2014 / Viu Manent /


Happy Malbec World Day!

Dear friends,

Last April 17th was Malbec World Day, and Viu Manent wanted to celebrate this emblematic variety with different activities in Chile and overseas.

Originally from Bordeaux region of southern France, a zone known as the birthplace of the world’s great red wines, the Malbec variety is known for its intense cherry-red color, sweet, friendly tannins, and pronounced notes of fruits and spices, characteristics that earn it more and more fans every day.

Although Malbec is most often associated with Argentina, it is also very successfully grown Chile, and California as well. Viu Manent, located in the heart of the Colchagua Valley, was a pioneer in producing Malbec in Chile when it began 20 years ago. In 1993 this family-owned and operated winery made Chile’s first 100% Malbec wine from grapes grown on vines that were nearly a century old.

The winery’s portfolio includes eight different Malbecs to provide consumers with many options according to their food pairing, occasion, and price-quality parameters: Estate Collection Malbec Rosé, Reserva Malbec, Gran Reserva Malbec, Secreto Malbec, Single Vineyard Malbec, ViBo Viñedo Centenario (blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec), ViBo Malbec (made in Mendoza, Argentina), and its icon Viu 1.


(source: Viu Manent)